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September 1, 2004 by collegefish
Thanks to all of you who replied to the article. I just wanted to let you all know that I found a way to end the problem. Belive it or not a guy friend of mine told me the sure fire way to stop the advancement of a guy is to say the magical words " You are like a brother to me" well I tried it and so far it was the answer to my problem. So any girls out there who have a good friend who wants to be more should try the brother angle. Unless the guy is a complete loser he should get the hint.
August 26, 2004 by collegefish
I am collegefish
I am a freshman at college and this is my first week. Everything is great execept for the guys that can not take a hint! Dont get me wrong I love guys, they make the best friends but for some reason they always want to take a step up to a boyfriend. I have no idea how guys think. In the movies girls are always portrade as the one pushing the relationship to the next level, but in my world as of late the guys are sprinting ahead. I am fine with have a best friends. I really ...